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Hi There I love music's simple as that really. It’s that one essential constant in my life that I just could not live without ...well ...except for oxygen, water, food etc ..but I digress. You get it I'm sure. My tastes are varied, though I started following the R&B Soul & Funk scene back in the late 70's when I began my clubbing years in the UK. I was a regular at clubs like Zero 6, Flicks, Stage 3 and of course the legendary Goldmine. It was at those clubs I really became hooked on the Jazz Funk/Fusion scene. Fast forward many years later to my new home in Australia where I became involved in DJ'ing. For the last 10 years I have had regular shows on UK based stations, JFSR, SLR and now I am very happy to be onboard with the team at Cambrian Radio where I am looking forward to sharing the special vibes of my long running show “Nu Directions” with the listeners. What can you expect? Well “Nu Directions” is focused on presenting some of the newer music styles including Nu-Jazz & Latin, Broken beat, Afro-beat and soulful & Jazzy house. There is just so much of this exciting music out there I never tire of playing this show and am always excited to bring the next set. I am also a proponent of the unique interactive experience that internet radio brings to listeners and DJ alike, so that means encouraging a fun session with the listeners in the VIP chat-room. Seriously cool music coupled with good people enjoying themselves – That’s simply it! I trust that you will join me for the shows and look forward to your good company. Keep it Happy - DJ Pete Hitch .