The Eclectic Jamboree - Fridays 8pm to 10pm

From the age of 12 it hit me, I knew this feeling would never go away and I was ready for it. My passion for jazz, funk, soul, reggae, electro, old school hip hop, Chicago house, Go Go and P-Funk started at home with the help of the pirates LWR, JFM and Solar radio.

By the time I could earn a wage, the legendary Mike Allen’s (Allen’s Army), Westwood, Greg Edwards, Steve Walsh and many more forced me to spend all my dosh on vinyl which came from the historical Groove and Bluebirds record stores. It’s there I spent hours trolling through the white labels to find those track that would blow me away! And boy, did I find them!

So it began, a group of school friends who started a sound system to play house parties in North West London, all nighters across the boroughs’ and a few clubs in the West End where we put the SL1200’s to good use.

I was there when you were there,
We went to the same clubs,
We listened to the same stations,
We followed the same DJ’s
We are connected by the same music.

The time is right and the tracks are primed, so let’s kick off your Friday evening in style. Join me between the hours of 8-10pm for the show that I like to call……
The Eclectic Jamboree, a mixture of all things nice and needy.
I look forward to your company.