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Hello everyone,
My name is DjSoul (Alexandre Montet) I’m a ‘Carioca’ (a name given to those born in Rio de Janeiro) am 54 years old and was born in Rio, a grandson of Europeans.

I have my roots in 70’s Soul music, I’m a great researcher and since experiencing the emergence of Disco & Funk in the early 80’s have become a great admirer of this musical style.

My first involvement with ‘Bailes’ (Clubs/Large events) was in the early 80’s, where for 3 years I warmed up at the POWER SOM events for the legendary Luisinho (one of the old pioneer DJ’s in Brazil) and his DiscJockey Soul Party.
Upon receiving public recognition for my great work I was asked to be the DJ for the famous duo of 98FM (the main radio station in Rio at the time) announcers, Heleno Rotay and Alexandre Amorim, where I learned ‘in Locum’ (Latin for learning by watching) the secrets of FM radio.

Having studied and specialized in editing and audio production programs, I’ve adopted the artistic name of “DjSoulbr“.
Whenever possible I put elements of 70’s Soul Music in my remixes as by doing this I’m hoping to make the listeners curious as to the origins of the music, to research it, always with the intention of bringing to the public the harmony that the old and the new can ‘walk’ together.

In 2014, I was invited to be part of a project to promote the “Charme Culture” (the name given to a style of R&B more focused on the groove that exists in suburban Brazil) “Eu Amo Baile Charme”.
I settled for 2 years in Madureira, a suburb of Rio de Janeiro, where I played for 3000 people per weekend.

Nowadays I continue producing remixes and already have more than 1 dozen of them officially published on streaming and sales platforms in partnership with national and international artists.

At the same time I produce and present R&B Under, a fortnightly radio show that only plays R&B/Soul.
My radio show is eagerly waited to be heard by the Brazilian public for the relaxed way I present it, how I supply information often hidden about certain songs as due to the language barrier often some details get missed by the general public in Brazil.
I also have episodes published on one of the Main Podcasts Platforms in the World which is almost always among the 100 most listened to in the Global Radioshow category and among the top 3 in Brazil in the R&B Category.

I am Good person, who is also passionate about cycling, who works hard for Black Music and who is now very honoured to be part of the Cambrian Radio Crew.

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