DJ Jinn

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DJ Jinn

Between The Beats

Midnight to 2am Sunday UK Time , 4 to 6pm Pacific Time.

All my friends and family know me as the “music” guy. But if they were to pick a particular genre as my go-to, it would be Funk and Disco. Funk music to me should sound raw, dirty, and make you move….I mean isn’t that the literal meaning of Funk? Tap it off with some good ol’ Disco music and you got a platform for some good emotional highs that makes you want to get on the dance floor and just straight boogie. My show is called Between the Beats, because not only will I showcase Funk and Disco, a good deal of Jazz and Soul, House and Blues, and even some AOR will be played throughout. Sprinkle in some music around the globe from Africa to Italy, Brazil to Japan, I got you covered on Between the Beats. So come join me, lets take the journey together.


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