Weekend Schedule

Denotes A Live Show*

00:00DJSoul BR – R&B Under DJinn – Between The Beats*00:00
01:00 Smokey’s Non-Stop Cambrian Collection Smokey’s Non-Stop Cambrian Collection 02:00
08:00David Sibbald – The Saturday ShowTom Lambert – The Independent Music Show10:00
10:00Bryn Everson – Soul On Saturday* Adam Robert Lewis – Movies & Musicals Hour11:00
12:00Carlitos Guzman – Analog SoulCarl BassettSunday Funday*12:00
14:00Déaglán O’Callaghan – Shuffling Through The YearsSmokey’s Non Stop Cambrian Collection14:00
16:00Steve James – Blues CafeCatieB – The Lucky Dip*16:00
17:00Dave Edwards – That 70’s Sound
18:00Smokey’s Non-Stop Cambrian CollectionSmokey’s Non-Stop Cambrian Collection  18:00
Paul Hudson – The Rocky Rock Show*20:00
22:00Owen Hopkin – The Saturday Selection*Aja & Claire – Ketch-A-Vibe Show22:00
Your Weekend Selection

Presenters required to fill empty slots if you`re interested — send details to:- info@cambrianradio.co.uk

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