Carlitos Guzman

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Carlitos Guzman

Carlos J Guzmán is a well-known Mastering Engineer in Puerto Rico with over 1,500 projects under his belt. Many Gold and Platinum records have been mastered by Carlitos Guzman at his CopyTech Mastering Services. He got a Grammy Award in 2002 and 2 other nominations. He’s also an avid classic audio gear collector and has the biggest tape decks collection in Puerto Rico. His father, the late Dr. Carlos Guzmán Sr. owned one of the biggest music collections in the Caribbean and conducted a radio program, Discoteca Internacional, for over 20 years without repeating a single track! He was called the living encyclopedia because all his comments and interventions were known by heart and never read. Carlitos inherited his collection plus thousands of Hi Rez files, open reels, cassettes and even 78rpm records!


He specializes in Jazz, Funk, Eclectic, World, Soul, Rock, Salsa…you name it; except Hip Hop. His personal motto is “If I don’t like the tune, I don’t record it”. For Carlitos, recording a tape is like a painter drawing a picture. He is especially good at making eclectic mixes and all are non-stop. He comes from the old guard of Disc Jockeys of the 80’s and for many years he directed the DJ’s group Disco Knights, the first ever to introduce the use of tape recorders in parties instead of turntables. He loves drastic ornaments in his mixes to keep the listener on the edge guessing what’s next. Expect musical surprises from him…he’s also a professional percussionist and singer.


Carlitos combines the warm sound of Analog with the flexibility of Digital. All his mixes are compiled on an RTM tape exclusively, open reel or cassette and then transferred to a Sequoia Mastering platform. The best in the pro’ mastering arena. His open reel decks are well over 30 years old, but perfectly restored and aligned. His cassette decks are all TOL models from Nakamichi and Revox. He keeps 3 hard disks at Sketsoteric Audio compiling terabytes of music in his servers. His first recorder, a TC 560D, was given by his father when he was 14 years old. The rest is history.

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