Charlie Dix

Charlie Dix

I’m a lover of music, from the origins of jazz in the early 20th century, to the big-band era, the Great American Songbook, the rock and roll era, and to the progressive house music of today.

I am originally from Kansas, and my musical journey began in the mid-1970s during the disco movement when I found an interest in playing music.

By 1982, I was a year out of high school and found my first club job. I worked continuously through the 80s and 90s in both radio and nightclubs.

In 1986, I first walked through the doors of the legendary Palladium Nightclub in New York City, a life-changing event. I would go on to spend many happy nights there, and I’m proud to say I was never turned away from the Palladium or Limelight. Those are memories that will never fade.

I now live in Downeast Maine, where I continue to play music and hope to never stop.

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