Davy Tee

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Davy is a founder member and co-owner of Cambrian Radio.

Davy has been a DJ / Compere and Presenter for over 43 years.

Davy has been involved in internet radio presenting since 2012 and presents his soulful house show (The Workout) on the station, Breaking new house music, plenty of reworks and the occasional retro track thrown in for good measure. Davy is as passionate today as he was way back in the early part of 1979 when he first found he had a talent for DJ’ing.

email: davy@cambrianradio.co.uk


Catch the Keep Calm & Workout series, which is a reincarnation of the Workout show but with all voiceovers removed, giving you pure unadulterated Aural pleasure catch them exclusively on his Mixcloud page, well over 100 hours of non stop foot stomping tunes suitable for 2 hour workouts, whether it’s jogging, cycling or those Gym workouts, maybe even workout your sound system to the max as there is always some bassline bangers in there. Click the logo below for direct access to my page. Enjoy!!

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