Déaglán O’Callaghan

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Déaglán O’Callaghan

SATURDAY’S 2pm to 4pm

Déaglán’s Radio Show

Born in Dublin.

Enjoyed my time as a night club DJ in Dublin.

Loved every minute of The Pirate Radio Stations in the 70’s.

I enjoy and continue to listen to, music from the Show Band years..with the odd one or two, popping up on my radio show.

Love finding an Irish pub, with live sessions with local performers..

Learning to play the banjo at the moment. As bad today as I was when I started.

Flying the Irish flag in Sydney since 1979.

Running my own business during the week, and play radio announcer at the weekend.

Love all dogs of the four leg variety.

e-mail:- declan@addmyradio.com

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